Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Sorry I have not kept up like I would like to, but life is just crazy! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Twin falls with my sister Celeste and her family! My brother and family made it along with my parents too! For Christmas we decided once again to stay home. It is nice to start our own traditions with the kiddos! For Christmas eve we went and saw christmas lights, come home and opened one gift, and read the baby Jesus story( Bella call's it). Christmas morning we made the kids come to our room and wake us up. Luckly it wasn't until 7:45am. We did the santa thing and then Aron made a wonderful breakfast. We made the kids wait to open presents and they were really good about it. The kids loved everything and have had fun playing the rest of the day. I am so thankful for a very loving Heavenly Father that has blessed us this year with health and happiness!!
We wish you all a happy New Year!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

So I finally have a second to update this. Sorry to overload you, but I hope you enjoy the pictures

Brynlee's party

The end of July we took a trip back to Twin Falls for my best friends daughters 3rd birthday party. We had such a blast. The kids played, ate lots of yummy food, made cup cakes and loved eating them as you can see and went swimming. We Love you Bryn and glad we could come to your party!
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Girls Weekend

The middle of July my sisters, Mom and I were able to sneak away for a girls weekend. We meet in SLC and spent the weekend together. It was so great that we have decided that from know on we are going to have one of these weekends every 6 months!! We tried to go to the Temple but when we got there it was closed for cleaning. Note that this was my second attempt to go to the SLC Temple and both times it has been closed for cleaning. :( We shopped, ate, relexed in the hot tub, and went to the Fray concert! Girls were are we going next?? I love each of my sisters very much and am so grateful for my mother to have put up with us all weekend!
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Temple square

Before we headed home to Idaho we stopped by Temple Square. We went to see the Spoken Word and walk around the new conferance center. It was nice and the kids loved the waterfalls and the water ponds.
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Some of us drove out to Sugar Hill to watch the fireworks. We had to wait a while for the show to start but it did and we enjoyed every second of it. We got our exercise in also, we walk for miles it felt like. Then on the way home we sat in the car waiting for traffic for an hour if not longer, Brock was alsleep before he could get his seat belt fastened. In the pictures we have the Bangerter family with Brock. Then Peter, Josh and Brock, the next picture is of Brock and I, then finally it is Carlie and Clara.
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Westover Reunion

Here we are playing the famous Softball game between the Hancocks and Zetterquist. I believe the Hancocks won this year!!!! Go Hancocks!!!
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